Thread-Magic Anti-Seize, Stick, .43 oz


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Thread-Magic Anti-Seize Stick

Thread Magic is the ultimate anti-seizing stick! Engineered with a unique blend of special synthetic oils and solid lubricants, this rugged crayon lubricates, seals and protects metal components from seizing under adverse temperature and oxidation. Thread Magic easily adheres to metal parts even in wet conditions and extreme climates, making it especially suited for eliminating rust and galling on both metric and SAE fasteners. It also preserves threads during assembly and disassembly of broken or stuck nuts & bolts — so you can pry apart stubborn metals without fear of permanent damage. Features: - Anti seize crayon works with temperatures up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit - Protects against Galling, Seizing and Rust Corrosion - Special Synthetic Oils & Lubricants Blend Adheres Even in Wet Conditions - Withstands Long Hours of Vibration & High Temperature Stress Benefits: - Safeguard your workpieces with Thread Magic's durability and no jam guarantee - Make every task easy with Thread Magic’s low heat transfer properties that resist seizing on bi-metal applications. - Get the protection you need on stainless steel, aluminum, brass or carbon steel materials – outdoors or indoors!

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