3/8" x 16' Stainless Steel Spring Armor

SKU: SSSA-38-16

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3/8" x 16 ft Stainless Steel Brake Line Shield Spring Armor, Universal Compatibility

  • Sturdy Build: Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, this brake line shield ensures exceptional strength and longevity, providing enduring defense for your vehicle's brake lines.
  • Superior Defense: The Spring Armor's innovative spring coil design effectively guards your brake lines against rocks, debris, and other potential hazards, preventing harm and guaranteeing seamless braking functionality.
  • Broad Compatibility: Engineered to fit a wide range of brake line dimensions, this Spring Armor is suitable for most off-road vehicles, trucks, and SUVs, making it an adaptable option for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Optimized Off-Road Performance: By preserving your brake lines from damage, this Spring Armor helps sustain the reliability of your vehicle's braking system, letting you embark on off-road escapades with assurance and tranquility.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: The stainless steel composition delivers outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion, making certain your brake line shield stays in prime condition even in demanding off-road settings.

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