Sil-Glyde O-Ring Lubricant, Tube, 1.5 oz, Box of 100


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Sil-Glyde O-Ring Lubricant - Box of 100

When it comes to professional-grade lubrication products, you can trust Sil-Glyde O-Ring Lubricant. Its advanced formula is designed to help you get the most out of your o-ring seals and seals under pressure with ease. Our lubricant provides maximum friction reduction for o-rings, reducing galling and wear and preventing rust and corrosion. Plus, our 1.5oz tube comes in an easy to use 24-piece box of 100 tubes, providing a convenient way to store and access your lubricant without having to buy it again and again – saving you time and money.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or an enthusiastic DIYer, this tubular lubrication is the perfect choice for maintenance, repair, or installation jobs. Our highly effective solution increases the life of parts while addressing environmental challenges by eliminating sludge build up found in traditional oils while protecting against wear caused by extreme temperature changes. Moreover, our Sil-Glyde O-Ring Lubricant is REACH compliant and totally safe for use on pneumatic systems and specialized agricultural machinery – guaranteeing consistent performance time after time in both extreme conditions! With proven long-term durability liquid molybdenum technology that helps reduce oxidation on critical machined surfaces threads bearings etc., we are confident that this product will exceed all your expectations every single time.

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