Sil-Glyde Lubricant, Drum, 400 lb
Sil-Glyde Lubricant, Drum, 400 lb

Sil-Glyde Lubricant, Drum, 400 lb

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Sil-Glyde Lubricant 400lb Drum

Sil-Glyde Lubricant is your go-to product for all of your lubrication needs! Our multi-purpose lubricating compound is capable of performing in any weather, from -20F up to +400F. It won't freeze, melt, gum up or runoff and it's perfect for use on metal, rubber and plastics. For easy application we offer a 400lb drum that can be used both from home or shop applications.

Our revolutionary Sil-Glyde formula is sure to leave you with long lasting results that are completely water repellent. You won't have to worry about hearing those annoying squeaks anymore - this lubricant is trusted by professionals everywhere to provide smooth reliable performance time after time. Plus Sil-Glyde is compatible with DOT3 and DOT4 Brake Fluid as well.

For the best in quality auto, home and farm lubricants get yourself some Sil-Glyde today and make all of your lubrication headaches disappear!

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