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Rust Solutions Road Salt Neutralizer Concentrate Front Label
Rust Solutions Road Salt Neutralizer Concentrate Front Label

Salt Neutralizer Concentrate, Gallon



Salt Neutralizer

Keep metal surfaces shiny and rust-free with this Salt Neutralizer Concentrate, Gallon from AGS Rust Solutions. 

Specifically designed to combat the effects of road salt, brine, and ice melt, this salt neutralizer is ideal for use on any vehicle that regularly comes into contact with these substances, including:

  • Snowplows
  • Salt spreaders
  • Road equipment
  • RVs
  • Fleets cars
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Landscaping tools
  • Heavy equipment

Created using a state-of-the-art formula, this salt neutralizer is safe to use on any metal surface exposed to road salt. Plus, this heavy-duty concentrate can be used to makeover twenty gallons of neutralizer and is easily applied using a spray-on, wipe-off process. 

Keep Metal Surfaces Rust-Free

Harsh road salts, brines, and ice melts are extremely harmful to metal components, causing severe corrosion on vehicle frames, body panels, undercarriages, and more. This salt neutralizer is specially formulated from inorganic acids, corrosion inhibitors, and penetrants that break down corrosive films before they can eat away at metal surfaces. 

Breaks Down Tough Road Salt Without Damaging Your Equipment

Keep your vehicles, equipment, and all other metal surfaces free from road salt without worrying about damage from harsh chemicals. Uniquely crafted with a powerful yet gentle formula, this salt neutralizer can break down even the most stubborn chalky white residue without harming finished surfaces. 

With the simple spray-on, wipe-off application, this salt neutralizer works quickly to remove road salt residue before it leads to rust development, without eating away at the surface below. Paint, varnish, and other finished surfaces are kept shiny and untarnished, leaving your equipment looking as good as new. Plus, compliance in all fifty states solidifies this salt neutralizer's safety without compromising its effectiveness.

Concentrated Formula for Optimal Use

This gallon-sized salt neutralizer concentrate provides you with plenty of solution to protect any metal surface exposed to road salt. Once mixed with warm water, a single gallon of this concentrate will supply you with 21 gallons of salt neutralizer that can break down the toughest road salt residue and prevent rust development.

With so much packed into a single gallon of concentrate, this salt neutralizer is not only a quality and effective product but also an incredible value. For the toughest, fastest-acting salt neutralizer at the best price, look no further than AGS Rust Solutions.

Easy to Use, Fast-Acting Formula

With a specialty formula and spray-on, the wipe-off application process, this salt neutralizer concentrate is both easy to use and quick to break down even the toughest road salt residue. 

To use this powerful concentrate, all you'll need is a standard pump sprayer and a sponge. Simply mix six ounces of the salt neutralizer concentrate with one gallon of warm water, and apply to the metal surface using the pump sprayer. Allow just five minutes for the concentrate to react and break down the road salt at a chemical level, then rinse off the solution with clean water.

In less than ten minutes, your vehicle or equipment will look as good as new—completely free from the corrosive effects of road salt. Protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion by ordering this Salt Neutralizer Concentrate, Gallon today.

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