Ru-Glyde Rubber Lubricant, Drum, 55 gal

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Ru-Glyde Rubber Lubricant 55 Gallon Drum

is a multi-purpose lubricant designed to reduce frictional wear and tear on all types of rubber materials. Description: To keep your rubber components running smooth and reliable, Ru-Glyde™ is the perfect choice. The 55 gallon drum size provides an economical solution to large operations and industrial jobs that require superior lubrication performance -- safely lubricating gaskets, seals, o-rings, bumpers, rollers, pumps, conveyor belts and more. Thanks to its superior protection against friction and corrosion with less wear than silicone based oils or greases; you can trust Ru-Glyde™ even in the most demanding applications.Features: - Proven 35 years+ in industry - Non Silicone based - High resistance to oxidation Benefits: - Outperforms standard greases and oil in reducing friction & wear on rubber parts - Offers superior protection from ozone exposure - Helps reduce energy consumption during operation

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