Nitrile Gloves, Clip Strip, 2x12
Nitrile Gloves, Clip Strip, 2x12

Nitrile Gloves, Clip Strip, 2x12


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Nitrile Gloves Clip Strip

Keep your hands safe and protected with Nitrile Gloves Clip Strip. Perfect for battery changes, oil changes, painting, tune ups, wash and waxing, our gloves help keep your hands free from grease, dirt, and other hazards. With 2x12 pieces of nitrile folded together in a clip strip display card, you can easily access these gloves whenever you need them.

These professional-grade Nitrile Gloves are created using strong and rip-resistant material so they won't tear or puncture even when exposed to harsh chemicals like motor oil, paint thinner or other automotive fluids. They’re also odor resistant so you won’t have to worry about the chemical smell sticking to you.

Nitrile Gloves Clip Strip is ideal for mechanics of all kinds--professional or DIY--and come with an affordable price tag so it won't break the bank when purchasing. Make sure to always keep your hands safe while working on cars by getting your own supply of Nitrile Gloves Clip Strip today!

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