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Matte Gray Rust Paint Aerosol 14oz.
Matte Gray Rust Paint Aerosol 14oz.

Matte Gray Rust Paint Aerosol 14oz.



Matte Gray Rust Paint, Aerosol

Rust can pose significant challenges in various construction, commercial, industrial, and farming environments. Matte gray rust paint aerosol offers a highly effective coating solution for treating and directly applying over rust, while also preventing further rust formation. This innovative paint creates a protective layer that wards off corrosive elements like salt, water, and other chemicals known to trigger rust.

To utilize matte gray rust paint aerosol, begin by eliminating any loose debris on the surface and cleaning it with a water-based degreasing agent. Then, proceed to apply the paint directly onto the rusted area. AOR-15, known for its UV resistance, does not require a topcoat. With AOR-15, you can halt rust permanently and shield against future corrosion.

This product's non-porous nature, combined with its molecular composition, offers an anti-corrosive coating that eliminates the need for additional top coating. Highly versatile, matte gray rust paint aerosol is suitable for application on any metal surface. It boasts remarkable durability, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300°F and up to 1,000 hours of corrosion.

Applications of Matte Gray Rust Paint Aerosol

The versatility of matte gray rust paint aerosol extends across various sectors, including construction, industrial, marine commercial, and farming. Here are some examples of surfaces suitable for treatment with matte gray rust paint aerosol:

Marine – bilges, decks, steam pipes, hulls, masts, chain lockers Industrial – truck components, heavy equipment, fuel storage, trailers, steel forms, rebar, storm grates, concrete, wastewater management, transformers Automotive – doors, chassis, suspension, trunk areas, floors, engines & fuel tanks Home – sealing cracks in foundations and basements, roofs, garage floors, beams, home appliances, HVAC pipes Fiberglass – aiding in the sealing and repair of fiberglass.

Effective Rust Treatment and Prevention

Matte gray rust paint aerosol offers a highly effective solution for treating and preventing rust, applicable in various settings, from residential to commercial and industrial. Employing this product to address rust-related issues not only safeguards the well-being of residents or employees but also leads to substantial cost savings by prolonging the lifespan of metal equipment and utilities vulnerable to rust.

Preparation and Application Instructions:

  • Use a wire brush to remove loose rust, grease, and paint, make sure the surface is free of debris.
  • If necessary use a mild solvent to remove greases and oils that could affect adhesion.
  • Shake can for at least 2 minutes.
  • Apply AGS Rust Paint 10” to 12" from the surface, apply in aside to side motion to achieve even coverage.
  • Single coats dry to the touch in 20 minutes and are thoroughly dry in 3-4 hours at 68°F.
  • For greater durability, a second coat can be applied one hour after the first. Allow 8-12 hours for a full cure after the last coat.
  • Covers 10-12sqft
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