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Marine Wheel Bearing Grease, Tub
Marine Wheel Bearing Grease, Tub

Marine Wheel Bearing Grease, Tub


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A premium, lithium complex lubricating grease providing maximum protection against rust and corrosion. This multi-purpose lithium complex grease has a high dropping point in excess of 500F, which insures retention where high temperatures are encountered. This product has been formulated with a special additive package, which insures high film strength, extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties. The high quality virgin base fluids provide excellent natural oxidation inhibition. Water insoluble formula. This combined with effective anti-oxidants as well as corrosion inhibitors provide extra stability under storage and extreme service conditions. Suggested applications: Automotive chassis lubrication, construction/mining equipment, fifth-wheel/anti-friction wheel bearings, and general industrial applications. NLGI Grade 2. Temperature Rating: -30 F to 325 F. Color: Blue.

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