Double Flex Line Wrench - 11/16
Double Flex Line Wrench - 11/16

Double Flex Line Wrench - 11/16", 3/4"

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11/16", 3/4" Double Flex Line Wrench

EASY ON, EASY OFF RATCHETING POWER. A must-have for any professional mechanic. This line wrench makes fast work of troublesome fittings. Using one hand, the wrench head can be opened and closed to completely surround the hex of the fitting. Even a hex that has severely rounded corners can be loosened or tightened because of the unique shape of the wrench head. 360° grip removes even rounded fittings, the Ratchet function works in tight spaces, and More pressure applied equals a tighter grip on the nut, Open and close the wrench head with one hand, Hinged neck to reach into hard-to-reach areas.

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