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Industrial Penetrant, 11 oz Aerosol
Industrial Penetrant, 11 oz Aerosol
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Industrial Penetrant, 11 oz Aerosol



Industrial Penetrant Aerosol

Industrial Penetrant by AGS Rust Solutions

There are various products that help this cause such as paints, film protectants and sprays. The Industrial Penetrant manufactured by AGS Rust Solutions is a prime example of an aerosol based solution. 

AGS Rust Solutions has been working on customer focused innovation for more than 85 years. In 1931, we have developed their first product: a new and unique stick lubricant. Our company's culture is very innovation-focused and has been made even stronger today as they strive to bring fresh and new insights into the automotive service and repair world. 

AGS Industrial Penetrant (available in a 11oz aerosol) is a super-fast concentrated lubricant aerosol that attacks corrosion and rust. Its powerful formula penetrates deep and leaves behind a long-lasting lubricating layer that blocks moisture and prevents oxidation which is the reason for corrosion in the first place.

Why Industrial Penetrant?

Aside from loosening corrosion and keeping further corrosion at bay, this product also helps remove adhesives and decals. It is perfect for rusted metals such as hinges and large and small machinery surfaces and parts. Rusted fasteners or nuts and bolts have the capacity to stop great progress right in its tracks. We have all lost valuable time trying to get that fastener off that is so rusted it looks like it hasn’t been touched since centuries. Industrial Penetrant makes light work of rusted fasteners too!

AGS' Industrial penetrant can be used in the automotive, industrial, marine, plumbing & other equipment. Its wide-market usage makes it a must-have not just among industry tool boxes but also in homes. 

Effects of weather

Along with moisture damage, damage caused by cold temperatures is another bane industry workers deal with. Winter poses a unique set of challenges for machinery and equipment. It can cause mechanical components to malfunction leading to operational delays. Finances and timelines suffer dramatically as a result of these impediments. 

Most of the detrimental effects on machinery in winter are caused when temperatures fall under freezing. Without proper maintenance and planning, machines and equipment may not function optimally in such harsh conditions. Expensive repairs are then required or overhaul of the machinery. Companies and industries operating in sub zero climatic conditions must take extra steps to care for their machines and equipment.

Machines, in general, work more efficiently when lubricated. However, it becomes even more important during cold weather. Application of the right fluids prevents chemical contamination and material degradation. Lubricants reduce premature wear, improve machine reliability, and lower operating and maintenance costs.

As you might have guessed, the Industrial Penetrant comes handy here too by freeing the machine part of freeze and creating a lubricating layer on it which lengthens its optimal condition. 

Marine equipment rust issues

Many of the tools in a factory worker's toolkit will have a rubber or plastic handle which makes it easy for gripping, but in a marine environment, that still leaves a significant portion of the tool exposed to the water.

If the machinery works with oil, it is common to see dust and other kinds of small debris accumulate on the oil surface, but this is far better than allowing oxidation to form on tool surfaces. The dirt which accumulates in the oil will not harm the machine, but on the other hand, the rust and corrosion will most certainly eat away at the metal, and will eventually cause significant damage. Particularly for machinery used near or in big water bodies, the saltwater in the air can accelerate the process of forming rust and corrosion. it is common to find that these submerged parts form a layer of thick rust in a short period of time. 

You will find Industrial Penetrant lighten your marine machine rust damage woes as well. 

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