Hitch and Haul Lubrication Maintenance Kit
Hitch and Haul Lubrication Maintenance Kit

Hitch and Haul Lubrication Maintenance Kit


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Innovative 2-chambered single-use pouch makes for the perfect add-on or impulse sale Packaged in highly visible counter ready 20-packmerchandiser. Or hang on peghook or clipstrip Two Greases in One! White Lithium Grease & Dielectric Grease Maintain and protect your trailer and tow vehicle with this handy 2-grease kit. Contains high-grade lubricants for all metal-to-metal contact points and electrical connections. The Hitch & Haul Lubrication Kit prevents rust, corrosion, and electrical shorts in extreme conditions. Won’t wash out, won’t freeze or melt. The white lithium grease is perfect for use on hitch balls, receivers, and couplers, while dielectric grease is ideal for connectors, bulbs, and batteries. C-2040 Hitch and Haul Kit Flyer HH-1K

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