Fuel Line Quick Connect - Straight Push-On 3/8
Fuel Line Quick Connect - Straight Push-On 3/8

Fuel Line Quick Connect - Straight Push-On 3/8" Steel to 5/16" Nylon - 2 per Bag


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Quickly produce replacement fuel lines for virtually all vehicle applications! Our master kit, FLRK-15, contains all the connectors, compression unions, adapters, and nylon fuel line needed to make quick and cost-effective 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 replacement lines. Save technician's time by having all components in one kit and not having to search for any special tools to make the same quality nylon fuel lines used in new vehicles! The convenient push-button thumb release makes connections fast and easy. The nylon lines hold up to 200 PSI. Save your customer's money by making a complete replacement line in less than 5 minutes! The complete kit contains components for both nylon and steel lines for both domestic and import applications!

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