Fluid Repair, KLEDGE-LOK, Demo Kit
Fluid Repair, KLEDGE-LOK, Demo Kit

Fluid Repair, KLEDGE-LOK, Demo Kit


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The KLEDGE-LOK professional A/C tubing repair kit (Demo) ACRK-DEMO consists of the KLEDGE-LOK tool with 1/2" jaws and enough 1/2" fittings (5) and 1/2" tubes (4) to perform 9 separate demonstrations. This demo kit is intended for demo's only. The ACRK-DEMO allows the mobile tool professional the ability to demo the KLEDGE-LOK system. -1 demo kit for demonstrating the system -Permanent Leak Repair -Saves Time and Money -Professional OE-Style Repair -Tested to over 1000 PSI (4x normal operating pressure) -Compatible with all Refrigerants and Oils

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