Adapter, Brass, F(7/16-24 I), M(7/16-20), Bag of 1


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F(7/16-24 I), M(7/16-20) Brass Adapter

Outfit your vehicle with the reliable Adapter, Brass, F (7/16-24 I), M (7/16-20), Bag of 1 from AGS Company. This adapter fitting is specifically designed to make connections between standard brake lines and the different sized ports found in dual master cylinders. It matches up easily, with the male side of the adapter connected to the port connection on one side and the female side connected to a compatible brake line at the other end, making it a breeze for maintenance and repair tasks involving dual master cylinder systems. Constructed from quality brass for long lasting durability, this adapter provides an effective solution for all kinds of jobs requiring 7/16-24 inverted ports connecting to 7/16-20 parts. With its streamlined design, effortless installation, reliable construction and ample size bag of one, you can trust that the Adapter, Brass, F (7/16-24 I), M (7/16-20), Bag of 1 will have you covered whenever you need it.

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