Union Tee, Brass, F(5/8-18 I), Bag of 1
Union Tee, Brass, F(5/8-18 I), Bag of 1

Union Tee, Brass, F(5/8-18 I), Bag of 1


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F(5/8-18 I) Brass Union Tee

The Brass Union Tee F(5/8-18 I) is high quality, precision machined fittings to connect with high pressure (1000-3000psi) pipe. This fitting can be used in fluids and gases such as water, oil and butane gas. It is suitable for use in industrial, chemical and medical applications. This fitting is made of solid brass, providing the highest possible resistance to corrosion and heat transfer. Features: - Machined from solid brass for strength and durability - Precision construction for leak-free connections - Compatible with high pressure system up to 3000psi - Suitable for industrial, chemical and medical applications - PTFE tape for secure seal Benefits: - Easy installation to join components quickly without wasting time - Provides a reliable connection between pipes that will not fail due to pressure or vibration over time - Ensures a tight seal on pipes through secure threads created by PTFE Tape - Can be used in many different industries including chemical, manufacturing, agriculture and plumbing

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