EZ-Fit, NiCopp, Kit, Ford F-150 /Lobo 2000-2004 Ext Cab 78
EZ-Fit, NiCopp, Kit, Ford F-150 /Lobo 2000-2004 Ext Cab 78

EZ-Fit, NiCopp, Kit, Ford F-150 /Lobo 2000-2004 Ext Cab 78" Bed & Std Cab 96" Bed


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NiCopp EZ-Fit Complete Brake Line Replacement Kits are designed to be FAST, ECONOMICAL, SUPERIOR QUALITY solutions to replacing steel brake lines in the over 100 million popular GM, Chevy, Ford, Dodge trucks and SUV's that experience an almost 100 percent failure rate in the rust belt regions of North America. Highest quality machined flares for leak-proof and hassle-free connections. Black oxide fittings provide increased corrosion protection over standard zinc-coated fittings. NiCopp is the ultimate corrosion-proof tubing that outlasts even stainless steel. EZ-Bend technology makes bending, routing, and installing easier than pre-bent lines. The application specific kits come with all the lines for a complete job ready to install cut & flared lines with fittings. Includes: Master Cylinder Lines, Right Front Axle Feed Lines, Left Front Axle Feed Lines, Rear Axle Feed Lines, & Rear Axle Lines. NiCopp provides easier, longer-lasting replacement than the competition. An all-around better solution for brake line replacement!

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