Door-Ease Lubricant, Stick, 1.68 oz, Box of 100


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Door-Ease Lubricant Stick - Box of 100

Door-Ease Lubricant Stick is a simple and convenient solution to stop squeaking and sticking with any type of surface in and around the home. This weatherproof lubricant prevents wear on exposed surfaces while providing even cleaner lubrication than grease or oil. Because Door-Ease comes in easy-to-use sticks, you can never over apply, allowing quick repairs without requiring additional equipment or cleanup. Application is safe on metal, wood, glass, plastic, rubber, sliding door and window channels, curtain rod slides, latches, doors, drawers zippers, sunroofs seat tracks screws and nails and power and handsaw blades. Get 100 pieces for long lasting squeak free operation! Features: -Weatherproof -Prevents wear on any exposed surface while lubricating much cleaner than greases and oils -Impossible to overapply -Safe to apply on metal wood glass plastic or rubber Benefits: -Prevents annoying squeaks from doors windows drawers etc. -Makes it easier to open/close curtains windows doors etc -Restores smooth operation made possible by long lasting lubrication.

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