Door-Ease Lubricant, Block, 25 lb

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Door-Ease Lubricant 25 lb Block

Door-Ease Lubricant 25lb block is the ideal lubricant for any kind of exposed surface in or around the home or shop. With it, you are guaranteed a squeak-free door and window channels, curtain rod slides, latches, doors, drawers, zippers and more! Door-Ease does not over-apply which makes it easy for anyone to use without making a mess cleaning up afterwards. It is even weatherproof to prevent wear on any exposed surfaces while still providing perfectly distributed lubrication much cleaner than grease and oil products. Features: - Weatherproof - Prevents wear on exposed surfaces - Cleaner than greases and oils - Easy to apply Benefits: - Easily eliminates painful squeaking caused by friction between two surfaces - Perfectly distributes lubrication with no mess clean up to worry about afterwards - Keeps all household materials in great condition despite environmental exposure

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