Cut-Ease Lubricant, Stick, 1 lb, No Label


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Cut-Ease Lubricant Stick - 1 lb

Cut-Ease is the ideal lubricant for your cutting applications. Our lubricant is designed to quickly and cleanly get through any ferrous or non-ferrous metals and plastics with ease, making your job faster and smoother than ever before. With our 1lb no label stick, you can guarantee that every cut you make will be as perfect as can be!

No longer will you have to worry about binding, burring or even reducing the life of your tools – thanks to Cut-Ease's regular use, this will no longer be a problem for you. This specifically designed product will enhance your efficiency greatly, increasing productivity without incurring extra costs like other lubricants do.

Make sure that Cut-Ease is a part of your tool box! With its effectiveness and ease of use, it'll become a key player in improving the quality of your cuts. Make sure that cutting is no longer a chore but rather an enjoyable experience; try out Cut-Ease today!

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