Coil, NiCopp, 1/4 x 12'
Coil, NiCopp, 1/4 x 12'

Coil, NiCopp, 1/4 x 12'

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1/4" x 12' NiCopp Coil

Introducing the 1/4" x 12' NiCopp Coil from AGS Company – the ultimate in corrosion-resistant nickel copper. This high quality, easy to bend coil is ideal for all your craft projects, home repairs and industrial components. This superior material can stand up to repeated bending and twisting, making it perfect for a variety of applications and uses.

This coil offers superior corrosion resistance due to its nickel-copper alloy composition, meaning it can withstand the rigors of the sea with ease. The light weight yet durable material also holds up very well in extreme weather conditions like snow, rain or hail. Comes with an extraordinarily long life span, so you know you're getting an excellent value for your purchase.

The 1/4" x 12' NiCopp Coil from AGS Company is an extremely versatile product and a wise investment with superior strength, durability and flexibility at your disposal. Whether you are a contractor in need of tough construction materials or a small do-it-yourselfer looking to complete smaller repairsion without sacrificing performance, this product has you covered!

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