Nut Compression, Brass, 3/8
Nut Compression, Brass, 3/8

Nut Compression, Brass, 3/8", Bag of 5


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3/8" Brass Nut Compression

Are you looking for high-quality and dependable brass compression tube fittings for plumbing applications? Look no further than the 3/8" Brass Nut Compression – Bag of 5! These low-lead brass fittings are perfect for creating a secure seal on your pipes without compromising the quality and integrity of your pipe connections. Crafted from durable, corrosion-resistant brass, these nuts are ideal for potable water systems and resist heat, corrosion from water and acidic soils, minerals, and other elements. With their standard sleeves that grip tubing as the nut is tightened, you can trust that your connections will hold strong with our fittings. Ditch unreliable plastic fittings and choose a product that gives you the lasting reliability and durability you need. Get your bag of 5 today!

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