Brass Compression Connector, 1/8
Brass Compression Connector, 1/8

Brass Compression Connector, 1/8" Tube, Male (1/8-27 NPT)


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The 1/8" M(1/8-27 NPT) Brass Connector Compression by AGS is the perfect fit for any copper, brass, or aluminum applications needing to work in temperatures depending on the tubing. Recommended uses include air, water, natural gas and oil. Our compression connector is designed to conform with American Standard Taper Pipe Thread, ensuring a secure fit no matter what job it’s used for. AGS Brass and Steel Fittings are held to the highest quality standards so they perform flawless during their intended application. We have various packaging options available including retail clam shells, boxed in bulk and plastic tray assortments so you can get exactly what you need when ordering. So make sure your projects meet the highest standard of excellence with the 1/8” M(1/8-27 NPT) Brass Connector Compression by AGS today!

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