Air Conditioning Rubber Hose 1/2" x 1'

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1/2" x 1' Air Conditioning Rubber Hose

Replacing your vehicle's air conditioning hoses can be an easy task with our A/C Rubber Hose.This durable, efficient and long-lasting product will be the ideal replacement for your current air conditioning system. Featuring a stainless steel hose material, this high quality rubber hose is sure to get the job done! Features: - Durable rubber design - High pressure rating - Stainless steel internal wire reinforcement - Corrosion resistant fittings Benefits: - Easy to install - Can replace your old damaged or worn out rubber hose quickly and easily - Ideal for heavy duty applications - Our premium rubber hoses are designed to be used in tough and extreme temperatures and applications - Cost effective solution - This product offers an economical way to replace your existing automotive AC hoses without spending much money.

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