Accufit Oil Drain Plug Wall Rack, Loaded, 13 SKU
Accufit Oil Drain Plug Wall Rack, Loaded, 13 SKU

Accufit Oil Drain Plug Wall Rack, Loaded, 13 SKU


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The ODPA-3, Oil Drain Plug Wall Rack, includes all 13 ACCUFIT oil drain plugs (64 pieces) in a handy wall rack. Save time! Have the drain plugs easily accessible in a sturdy wall rack. Check threads with the built-in gauges mounted right next to the bins. AGS ACCUFIT Oil Drain Plug is a high-coverage/low-part number program that covers up to 93% of all vehicles on the road, including domestic, European, Japanese, British, and Korean models, while reducing inventory and associated costs by 80%. Reducing stocked part numbers to just 13 and the superior quality built-in features make ACCUFIT your number one choice for oil drain plugs. Easy Install - Finger-grip wing for ease of installation. All plugs have 14mm hex - just one wrench works for all! Hi-Temp Gasket - Red hi-temp gasket for max sealing protection. Easy ID - Thread size etched on each plug. Rust Protection - Black oxide coating for rust and corrosion protection. Avoid Cross-Threading - Pilot-point tip to avoid cross-threading during installation.

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