Elbow Connector Compression, Brass, 3/8
Elbow Connector Compression, Brass, 3/8

Elbow Connector Compression, Brass, 3/8" (3/8 NPTM), Bag of 1


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90 ° 3/8" Brass Compression Connector

Make quick, easy and secure connections with this 3/8" 90° Brass Compression Connector. It is engineered to offer a dependable connection when joining 5/16 inch copper, brass or aluminum tubing in low-pressure applications (NOT brake lines). The compression union features a cut-off sleeve that wedges between the body and nut, forming a tight seal that prevents leaks. Stop leaks before they start with the superior performance of premium grade compression unions. Features: - Constructed from high-quality brass for superior strength and durability - 1/16" cut off sleeve creates a tight wedge that prevents leaks - 90 degree elbow design allows for easy access in hard to reach areas - Designed for use on 5/16" copper, brass and aluminum tubing Benefits: - Provides an airtight, leakproof connection every time - Easy to install - no welding or soldering required - Reusable design offers convenience and cost savings - Maximum corrosion protection ensures reliable operation

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