5th Wheel Lubricant 2oz Pouch
5th Wheel Lubricant 2oz Pouch

5th Wheel Lubricant 2oz Pouch


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5th Wheel Lubricant 2oz Pouch - Case of 48

5th Wheel Lubricant is the ultimate solution for a long lasting, durable lubricant. The waterproof and corrosion resistant formula contains 5% moly and extreme pressure additives, making it able to handle heavy loads with ease! Plus, this multi-purpose lubricant is great for a wide range of applications including hinges, chains, gears, locks and more. Features: - Long lasting formula - Waterproof and corrosion resistant - Contains 5% moly for added protection - Extreme pressure additives - Heavy load capacity Benefits: - Provides greater protection than conventional lubricants in the toughest conditions - Withstands high temperatures and heavy loads making it an all season oil choice - Creates a wear layer that reduces friction from metal surfaces resulting in improved operational performance

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