Compression Union, Brass, 5/8
Compression Union, Brass, 5/8

Compression Union, Brass, 5/8", Bag of 1


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5/8" Brass Compression Union

For any project involving the connection of copper, brass, or aluminum tubing, the 5/8" Brass Compression Union is an ideal solution. Used extensively in both commercial and residential low-pressure applications, such as air, oil, and water lines, our compression unions are designed to provide consistent performance. This reliable fit ensures secure connections under pressure. Installation is easy with the nuts already on the fitting body: just slide them onto your tubing and you’re ready to go. The leak-free design features a wedging effect between nut and sleeve that creates a tight seal when everything is tightened into position. This makes it an ideal choice for ensuring a safe installation that won’t break down over time. Choose the 5/8” Brass Compression Union for all your low-pressure projects — you won’t be sorry you did!

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