Connector, Plastic, 5/16
Connector, Plastic, 5/16

Connector, Plastic, 5/16", Bag of 1


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5/16" Plastic Connector

For any professional or DIY mechanic needing a reliable and secure connection, the 5/16" Plastic Connector is your ideal solution. With its durable and highly flexible high-density polyethylene construction, you know you're getting a product that's built to last. Its unique barbed ends help to make installation quick and easy. Plus, its wide range of uses—from multi-purpose tubing to vacuum, water, and anti-freeze lines—allow for greater versatility for any automotive project around. Even better, this connector is designed to endure temperatures when used with the correct tubing type so that it works perfectly in nearly any condition. Don't let your next project become held up with troublesome connections; get the job done right with the 5/16" Plastic Connector today!

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