Clamp Elbow 90, Brass, 5/16
Clamp Elbow 90, Brass, 5/16

Clamp Elbow 90, Brass, 5/16" (1/4 NPTM), Bag of 1


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5/16" (1/4 NPTM) Brass Clamp Elbow 90

The 5/16 (1/4 NPTM) 90 Degree Clamp Elbow from AGS is the top level of excellence when it comes to clamp-on hose fittings. The multipurpose male hose fitting is designed and built to meet the strictest of standards in performance and quality, all while delivering exceptional value to you. Lightweight but sturdily constructed, this fitting can handle temperatures ranging from -40F up to 250F, with a working pressure of 60psi. Suitable for fuel, oil as well as other applications such as steel and brass fittings like tube nuts, unions (couplers), adapters, elbows, tees, bushings and connectors that could involve grease or other substances – this elbow with nut ensures your projects will be completed properly for optimal results. Simply cut the hose squarely before sliding the clamp onto it, lubricate and then push the hose onto the fitting until bottoming out. Place the clamp between ball and end of hose for proper installation. With AGS’s commitment to providing you with excellence in products assured every time you use it – make an upgrade now by getting yourself this aluminum elbow today!

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