5/16" Aluminum Hose to Hose SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK A/C Repair Union

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For an efficient and reliable repair to your car's A/C system, look no further than the 5/16" Aluminum Hose to Hose SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK A/C Repair Union. With a reduced-barrier aluminum body that is designed for both SPLICE-LOK and KLEDGE-LOK repair systems, this product guarantees a secure and leak-free connection every time. Professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts alike will love the ease with which this splice connector makes hose to hose repairs, offering unparalleled control over your car's A/C system with a professional finish. In addition, the robust aluminum build ensures that the union stands the test of time against vibration, corrosion, and dirt exposure with superior performance. Invest in this product today for cost-effective repairs that deliver reliable results!

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