Hex Plug, Br, 5/16
Hex Plug, Br, 5/16

Hex Plug, Br, 5/16" (3/8 NPTM), Bag of 1


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5/16" (3/8 NPTM) Brass Hex Plug

Made with a highly precision engineering process, our 5/16H Brass Hex Plug is perfect for high-pressure connections that require maximum dependability. With its 3/8" NPTM fittings and visually appealing makeup, you can be sure that these sleeve compression instrumentation components are designed to provide leak-free connections between all your fittings and piping systems. Our plugs are made of the finest quality materials so you can be confident knowing that they will perform safely under even the most extreme pressure—up to 3000 psi. Invest in your long-term performance by upgrading your connection system with our superior and reliable 5/16H Brass Hex Plug.

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