5/16" (1/4" NPTM) Brass Compression Connector, Bag of 1


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5/16" (1/4" NPTM) Brass Compression Connector

Our 5/16" brass connectors are designed for fast and easy installation of copper pipes. They feature a heavy-duty construction with high-quality brass components and durable rubber seals to ensure a reliable connection every time. The connector's ribs help grip the copper pipe tightly while the conical chamfer allows for quick assembly. This superior product offers maximum control, making it an ideal choice for water supply lines in plumbing systems. Features: - High quality solid brass body - Heat treated steel grips - Durable rubber seals - Conical chamfer for quick assembly - Ribbed design for tight grip on copper pipes Benefits: - Quick and easy installation process for copper pipes - Reliable connection with no Leakage or mess - Suitable for various types of pipes including PVC, steel etc. - Good heat resistance, durability and corrosion resistance - Superior control compared to other connectors

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