3" x 1.5" Abrasive Pad (box of 5)

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The 3" x 1.5" abrasive pads (one box of 5 pads) are used to rotate around each end of the tubing in a circular motion to remove corrosion or dirt before the anaerobic sealing compound is applied and union fitting is assembled onto the tube. Professional Tubing Repair System. Fast, economical tube and hose repair. Repair pinhole leaks, cracks, kinks, and rub throughs with KLEDGE-LOK in air conditioning, coolant, transmission, oil, or fuel lines. Not for use in brake or clutch systems. - Quick - Easy - Low Cost - No Welding or Soldering - Airtight and Pressure Resistant - One Tool with Interchangeable Jaws - Large Selection of Special Connectors and Unions

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