3/8" (3/8 NPTM) Brass Push-On Elbow - Bag of 10


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3/8" (3/8 NPTM) Brass Push-On Elbow

The 3/8" Brass Push-On Elbow is a staple equipment piece for high-performance production lines. It is designed to provide an easy and secure connection to hose systems, pneumatic systems, and other fluid transfer lines. The elbows are made of high-quality brass that is highly durable and anti-corrosive, ensuring an optimal performance even in demanding conditions. This bag of 10 pushes one step further towards excellence as it offers reliable bulk connections with a fast turnaround time.

These fittings can be used in various industries such as automotive assembly, packaging and manufacturing facilities, petrochemical factories, and many more. They are also suitable for technicians and hobbyists working with hydraulic brake systems or other applications requiring secure connections at an affordable price point. Furthermore, these elbows are perfect for jobs that require the convenience of push-on fittings combined with the reliability of brass material.

At 3/8", each push-on elbow is compatible with standard NPTM threads on hoses or pipes; hence installation will take no longer than few seconds. With this product, users have the guarantee that their connections remain safe and leak proof even when exposed to pressure up to 250 psi - ideal for any job requiring tightness, durability, and speed all at once! So order now – let our Brass Push-On Elbows ensure your next job is done right!

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