British, NiCopp, 3/16
British, NiCopp, 3/16

British, NiCopp, 3/16" x 72"

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3/16" x 72" NiCopp British 

NiCopp brake line is the super-premium alternative when it comes to harsher environments, requiring the longest lifespan, or direct OEM replacement. NiCopp brake tubing stands out as it does not corrode nor rust, and is also approved by the Department of Transportation for use in hydraulic brake systems. Additionally, this alloy is 58% easier to bend than steel tubing and consists of 9.2% nickel, 1.4% iron, 0.8% manganese and 88.6% copper (designated as UNS C70600). What makes NiCopp an ideal choice even more remarkable is its resistance to corrosion and strength compared to steel lines which it surpasses in function.

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