EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16
EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16
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EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16" x 66", (M10x1.0 B)(3/8-24 I)

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3/16" x 66" (M10x1.0 B)(3/8-24 I) EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line

Our EZ-Fit™ nickel copper brake line is pre-flared at both ends and does not require any specialty tools for installation. This 3/16" x 66" M10x1.0 B (3/8-24 I) brake line has a built-in, corrosion resistant union nut and sleeve, making installation quick and easy. The inner tube is made from high quality CPW (Copper Nickel). Features: - Pre-flared at both ends for ease of installation - Corrosion resistant union nut and sleeve - Built in fitting for added protection against leakage - Inner tube made from Copper Nickel (CW) Benefits: - Quick and easy to install - no need for specialty tools or fixtures - Highly durable with added protection against leaks, wear and tear over time - Compatible with most standard brake lines

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