EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16
EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16
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EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16" x 50", (7/16x24 I)(3/8-24 I)

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3/16" x 50" EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - (7/16x24 I)(3/8-24 I) Fittings

The 3/16" x 50", (7/16x24 I)(3/8-24 I) EZ-Fit Nickel Copper brake line is everything you need to get the job done right. This pre-flared and threaded fitting system makes it easy to attach the proper connections without any special tools, so there’s no fretting or fumbling. With pliable copper tubing and durable nickel coating, this kit ensures that every move is as effortless as possible when you’re in a pinch. Features: - Preflared & Threaded Fitting - Easy Connecting for Vehicle Braking System - Durable Nickel Coating - Pliable Copper Tubing Benefits: - No Special Tools Required for Installation - Leak Proof Connection with Every Use - Quick and Easy Repair & Maintenance - Allows The Flexibility of Resizing Line Lengths

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