EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16
EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16
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EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line - 3/16" x 33", (3/8-24 I)(3/8-24 I)

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3/16" x 33" EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line 

3/16" x 33" EZ-Fit Nickel Copper Brake Line is your perfect fit for brakes or fuel systems. We’ve taken the guesswork out of bending brake lines with our pre-bent tubing to fit easily into place. Our auto-grade compatible, ez-fit line has an inner diameter that works perfectly with standard 3/16” SAE O.D./I.D. connections, gentle bends make it safe to install without kinking or creasing and our proprietary CLAD nickel copper alloy offers superior corrosion protection on a plating that won't flake off in time like others. So trust us when we say our EZ-Fit Brake Line curve fits perfectly the first time every time! Features: - Pre-formed bending section - Auto grade compatible - CLAD nickel copper alloy Benefits: - Easy installation without kinking or creasing - Superior corrosion protection - Longer lasting durability

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