Tee, Plastic, 3/16
Tee, Plastic, 3/16

Tee, Plastic, 3/16"


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3/16" Plastic Tee

The 3/16" Plastic Tee allows you to easily connect tubing and hoses to the line without any welding or soldering. Constructed from high quality linear polyethylene, this fitting is chemical resistant, has a high impact resistance at lower temperatures, and is UV resistant for long lasting use. Withstanding up to 125 psi with clamps and a temperature range of -65°F to 190°F, these tee fittings are sure to serve your needs. NSF 61 listed for safety standards, these hose barb fittings are an excellent choice for many common applications involving plastic and rubber tubing. Features: -Made from high quality linear polyethylene -Chemical resistant -High impact resistance at lower temperatures -UV resistant -Max. working pressure: 125psi with clamps -Temperature range: -65°F to 190°F Benefits: -Easy connection of tubing and hose lines without the need for welding or soldering -Safe and reliable operation due to rigid safety standards set forth in NSF 61 certification -Long lasting use even under extreme climate conditions

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