Female Long Nut, Brass, 3/16
Female Long Nut, Brass, 3/16

Female Long Nut, Brass, 3/16" (3/8-24 SAE), Bag of 1


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3/16" (3/8-24 SAE) Female Long Brass Nut

Female long nut with a size of 3/16” (3/8-24 SAE) is made from brass for corrosion resistance, high-temperature ductility, and low magnetic permeability. This fitting can withstand operating temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and resists mechanical pullout for a secure connection. However, these fittings contain lead which means it cannot be installed for potable water use as directed by federal law. It is mainly used in applications such as LP and natural gas, refrigeration, and hydraulic connections.

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