2-1/2" (1/8" NPTM) Long Nipple, Brass, Bag of 1


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2-1/2" (1/8" NPTM) Brass Long Nipple

Our 2-1/2" Long Brass Nipple makes it easier to connect two threaded pipes while maintaining a lengthy connection, allowing you to better customize your plumbing system. It features 1/8" Male NPT threads for easy attachment of female threaded pipes. Each nipple is crafted from brass, ensuring exceptional chemical resistance and ductility, as well as superior magnetic permeability. Temperature-wise, it can tolerate temperatures ranging from -53 to 121°C (-65°F to 250°F). We guarantee that our full brass construction allows for optimal durability and dependability in any application - so get connected with our 2-1/2" Long Brass Nipple today!

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