EZ-Fit Kit 1971-1979 VW Super Beetle
EZ-Fit Kit 1971-1979 VW Super Beetle

EZ-Fit Kit 1971-1979 VW Super Beetle


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1971-1979 VW Super Beetle Complete Brake Line Kit

Introducing the 1971-1979 VW Super Beetle EZ-Fit NiCopp Complete Brake Line Replacement Kit! We have taken the hassle and stress out of performing a brake line replacement on your vehicle. This kit is designed specifically to fit the 1971-1979 VW Super Beetle. With this kit, you can be sure that you will have all the lines cut to the correct lengths with all of the fittings for a complete replacement.

Since this product is made from NiCopp tubing which does not corrode or rust, it ensures your brake system performance will remain in perfect condition no matter what driving conditions you find yourself in.

It's also easy to install and requires no special tools - just common hand tools! That makes this an ideal DIY project that anyone with basic mechanical know-how can handle without breaking a sweat. So forget spending precious time and money at the repair shop trying to muddle through a brake line replacement - get your hands on this professional-grade kit today so you can hit the road in complete confidence once again!

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