13/32" Aluminum Hose to Hose SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK A/C Repair Union

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Are you a professional or a DIY mechanic looking for a reliable and cost-effective hose to hose connection for your 13/32 inch A/C system? Look no further than our Aluminum Hose to Hose SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK Repair Union. This robust union ensures a secure, dependable and leak-free connection that meets OEM specifications and requirements. Perfectly compatible with both KLEDGE-LOK and SPLICE-LOK repair systems, this union guarantees the ultimate in quality and performance. Its aluminum construction offers maximum strength and durability while its reduced barrier size allows easy installation of hoses on the vehicle assembly line. And it goes without saying that installing this union will save your time and money in the long run! Quality assurance is guaranteed by rigorous testing done at our state-of-the-art facilities, so you can rest assured that you are getting a product that is reliable and built to last. Perfect for any situation, get the most out of your A/C system with our Aluminum Hose to Hose SPLICE/KLEDGE-LOK Repair Union today!

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