1/8" NPTF End Cap, Brass


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1/8" NPTF End Cap

The 1/8" NPTF End Cap is a necessary component in industrial fitting systems. It is an effective tool in grease, fuel, LP, natural gas, refrigeration, and instrumentation systems, as well as hydraulic systems. With pressure ratings of up to 1200 PSI and a temperature range of -65° F to +250°F., this end cap provides reliable performance and efficient operation. It is designed for use with brass, bronze, copper, steel aluminum and iron pipe assemblies – all you need to do is tighten two-and-a-half turns past hand tight for standard end caps. This end cap is durable enough to stand up against vibration yet lightweight enough to easily transport from one job site to the next. Get the job done quickly and effectively with the 1/8" NPTF End Cap – your ticket to achieving lasting results on every project!

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