Nut Double Compression, Brass, 1/8
Nut Double Compression, Brass, 1/8

Nut Double Compression, Brass, 1/8" (5/16-24)


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1/8" (5/16-24) Brass Nut Double Compression

The 1/8" (5/16-24) Brass Nut for Double Compression fitting is perfect for tubeless tire setup, housing installation and a variety of other applications. The double compression design has deep threads for a secure fit, even in high-vibration environments. The solid brass material offers worry-free corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use with steel stringers or frames. Features: - Comprehensive airtight seal - 1/8” 5/16 - 24 thread size - Solid brass construction - Double compression nut design Benefits: - Secure fit that can handle heavy vibration and shocks while still providing an airtight seal - Easy to install with just two basic tools - Abrasion resistance with the solid rubber construction preventing accidental seals tears and leaks - Rust proof and corrosion resistant with the use of solid stainless steel material

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