1/4" x 50ft Poly-Armour PVF Coated Steel Brake Line

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1/4" x 50' Poly-Armour PVF Coated Steel Brake Line

Experience exceptional braking performance for your vehicle with the 1/4" x 50' Poly-Armour PVF Steel Brake Line Coil from AGS Company. Our poly-braided steel brake line is made of vastly superior polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) that offers maximum performance safety in extreme conditions over a wide temperature range. The smooth 2-layer hose shield prevents abrasion so you stay in complete control while driving comfortably and safely. No corrosion or deterioration and comes with a lifetime warranty!
- High Performance PVF Material
- Smooth 2 Layer Hose Shield
- Abrasion Free Protection
- Resists Corrosion & Deterioration

- Improved Braking Performance & Safety of Your Vehicle Over a Wide Temperature Range.
- Built to withstand heavy use & durable even in extreme conditions.
- Easy to install and adjust for every vehicle design. 

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