Connector, Plastic, 1/4
Connector, Plastic, 1/4

Connector, Plastic, 1/4", Bag of 1


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1/4" Plastic Connector

The 1/4" Plastic Connector from Vacuum Connector is a must-have for any professional mechanic or DIY enthusiast. Slip these durable connectors onto windshield washer and vacuum lines for quick, easy assembly with their barbed ends. Made from high density polyethylene, these connectors are great for multi-purpose tubing applications and can withstand all types of working temperatures from hot to cold, depending on what type of tubing you use. Working on your own car? Don't worry - it's simple enough to install; just get this plastic connector and you're good to go! And with our packs containing one connector per bag, you never have to worry about having too many or too few lying around. Get it now and make sure your vehicle’s vacuum, water and anti-freeze lines are in the best shape!

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