1/4" Vacuum Plastic Tee Connector, Bag of 1


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1/4" Vacuum Plastic Tee Connector

Need a reliable and sturdy 1/4" Vacuum Plastic Tee Connector for your windshield washer or vacuum lines? Look no further than the tee connector from [brand name]. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, the barbed ends allow for a quick and secure connection that won't go anywhere in working temperatures. This product is versatile enough to be used as multi-purpose tubing, making it perfect for vacuum, water, and anti-freeze lines.

Our 1/4" plastic tee connectors are easy to install and crafted to satisfy even professional mechanics. Whether you're an automotive specialist or a DIYer, you'll find that these connectors make all your projects easier. Install them quickly with peace of mind they will stay in place while you continue on with your journey under the hood. As a bonus, each bag comes with one connector—purchase multiple bags for more components!

Don’t trust just any tee connector; equip your vehicle with our reliable polyethylene 1/4" Vacuum Plastic Tee Connector today!


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