1/2" NPTM Brass Square Head Plug - Bag of 1


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1/2" NPTM Brass Square Head Plug

Introducing the 1/2" NPTM Brass Square Head Plug – a plug you can rely on! Our Square Head Plug provides professional mechanics, as well as DIY enthusiasts, with a threaded connection that is designed for an air tight seal every time. Featuring American standard taper pipe thread construction, this plug is perfect for applications such as oil, water, air and natural gas up to a pressure of 1000 psi. Plus its durable make-up means it will withstand working temperatures from -65°F to 250°F. So whether you’re dealing with copper, brass or iron pipes in need of sealing – our Brass Square Head Plug has got you covered! Don’t forget each bag contains one plug - enough for one simple installation. Put your trust in our 1/2" NPTM Square Head Plug and get the job done right!

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